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Stepping Into the Light

It is like stepping into another zone when you open the door of creativity and its also a daunting thing to do when you choose to put yourself in front of a group of people  to deliver, perform or share your work. So what is the process you have to go through. Zena Edwards shares her journey into becoming a writer and performer.

I SPEAK FROM… a “lecture”.
An hour of sharing the life and times of a writer performer.



My first blog was an intro of what sort of goes on in an artists head. But what drives a person to create? what drives them to want to share their creation with the world?

What makes an artist think that what they have to say is something that anyone would want to listen to anyway? Its baffling. From the first cave painting, the first “Ug!” of poetry, the first stomp of hairy foot on dust…

But in a world where economics and the body beautiful has reached an obsession, the world prolifically, vigorously and rebelliously creates regardless of recessions, global footprints and obesity crazes.

Here is something that I got from Zena Edwards Blog. For more info click this link: Some pretty powerful words. Give us some feedback on what you feel its like being an artist or what you think an artists life is like, whether you’re a painter, a singer, a dancer, a poet, a sculptor, we’d like to hear your thoughts.

~The Performer~

The Artist

Dedicated to the artist – the warrior engaged in daily struggle for all the truth in creativity, untainted and ego-free. Seeing past the masks of the industry to the reach the heart and spirit of the open ear and eye.

So here it is
Nothing more nothing less
This My body
These bones
This muscle
This voice
These eyes
These feet Nothing more nothing less, But Read the rest of this entry »


cartoon comedy and tragedy theatre mask


Yeah whatever. But it is your oyster. You see, the only thing we know for a fact about the dramas of life is that there is no rehearsal and there are no repeats No reruns. No press pause, “can I just put the kettle on for a brew.”


And the amazing thing about performance is that there is almost no point trying to recreate life. All you can do is learn your art, play it to the best of your ability and bring fresh life to it every time.

If you’re a performer already you will know what its like to experience the rush of a good show and the depression of a bad one. If you’re not, then …. well, just imagine it being a gorgeous day outside the window and by the time you’ve got your halter neck, or shorts and flip flops on and you get to the front door, it’s a hail storm. (Don’t you just hate it when that happens!)masque-de-venise-commedia-dell-arte-trifaccia

Now multiply that transition of emotions by 5 to up to 50 million and you’ll be getting close to what the roller coaster from euphoria to devastation can feel like. That can be one day in the schizophrenic head of a modern day performer. No disrespect intended but “bipolar” comes to mind. Just look at this mask

Need I say more. But it depends on your adrenaline levels, really, how many times you’ve experienced the situation and your ability to stay in control and to not reach for the drink or the drugs to maintain the high or to fight off the low. I’m not condoning it, I’m just being real about what comes with the territory of being in the entertainment business.

My advice. Got to protect yourself with good people and have a tight a plan. Stick closely to both of them and then you won’t go down the Amy Whinehouse route. Bless her cotton socks.

On the real side though, the business has little to do with the creativity. At least it should. Just stay true to yourself, to the craft and graft. As the other saying goes. “It’s 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.” And the fun had along the way – those eureka moments, those unexplainable I-was-so-happy-I-nearly-peed-in-my-pants moments – those are stories for the grand kids.

Anyway, this is the first blog from the Performer as part of “SECURITY – A ONE WOMAN SHOW PROJECT”. I’m a regular contributor to the site so check me out on by clicking HERE.

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